brow lamination results review

If you know me, you know my intense obsession with brows. When asked what my favourite feature is it’s ALWAYS my brows. That is, when I’m having a good brow day. Three months ago I discovered this relatively new beauty treatment via Instagram (don’t judge). Followed by…well over an hour of #browlamination searches I was hooked. This brushed up, fluffy and full brow was everything I’d hoped for and more. Think Gigi Hadid brows. Shortly after, a friend of mine recommended a brow artist she new based in London and it was then that the talented @Thea.Beauty_ entered my life. I won’t look back!!

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mont tremblant views

Let’s start by saying that learning to ski at the age of 30 is no easy feat. I’m not as nimble and brave as I once was and these two things may have an impact on your learning experience, if you let them. Growing up skiing is something that I had never been exposed to. It’s an interest that requires money and plenty of it if you want to spend as much time in the mountains as possible. I was lucky enough to experience this rush of fun with my friend Fleur who invited a bunch of us to celebrate her birthday in her regular haunt in the Austrian Alps. I am forever grateful to her for introducing me to this new passion! It was honestly the trip of a lifetime, unforgettable to say the least and the moment in which I realised I could say goodbye to sun sea and sand forever if it meant having all of my holidays that way. A huge group of her amazing friends coming together to have nothing but FUN. You make memories that will have you recounting your inside jokes for years to come and it builds a bond of friendship that you would never get from a city-break away.

ski squad austria mountains maria alm{On top of the world with the girls in Austria}

This year I’ve tacked on a weekend to a work trip that I was lucky enough to enjoy with my colleague and friend Harriet and her other half and brother. Skiing in Mont Tremblant just an hour and a half from Montreal has been such an awesome experience and could be a once in a lifetime opportunity since I live so far away! If you’re skiing for the first time Month Tremblant is a spectacular place to do so. The slopes are wide and have enough flatter parts of the piste to give you a break. It’s also significantly colder to you’ll need all the thermal gear. After having done two ski trips I’ve pulled together my tips for a beginner below.

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taj mahal in january

I’ll be honest, I was a little anxious about this trip. For the main reason that I had nothing but fear at the thought of having food poisoning. A result of hearing every single travellers account (in detail) of their Delhi belly. Spoiler alert…I didn’t get sick once!

I went to India nervous but within hours of landing was utterly mesmerised. I didn’t want to come home.


amber fort in january

We set off on the adventure for my dear friend @RoopGill’s wedding and quite frankly it was the most sensational event(s) I have ever been to. The colours, the smells, the flavours, the parties, the PEOPLE. Everything about this trip was such an excitement. Following the wedding we ventured on for a Friend-moon to tackle the bottom half of the golden triangle, Jaipur and Agra. I absolutely fell in love.


In celebration of my love-affair with this country, here are my tips for visiting:

  1. Forget what you think you know and embrace the magic and chaos. – The place is a wonder – so many times I sat in awe as we watch monkeys commute across city buildings and cows stop 60MPH traffic on the motorway because they fancied crossing…
  2. Travel around to explore different cities! But be prepared to have long car journeys. Driving in India is a rollercoaster of a ride but they know what they’re doing so forget your highway code and road rules. Some times you’ll need to stop at motorway restaurants/shops to pee. Take toilet roll on your journeys as well as hand santisers. We visited Jaipur (Highly recommend staying in Shahpura House.)
  3. Eat the food and prepare to eat a lot! Indian food is generous and so delicious you can’t stop eating. I avoided ice, tap water, raw foods and salads, ate mostly vegetarian. I didn’t get food poisoning at all, despite lots of people telling me I would. I can’t tell you how sensational the Punjabi and Rajasthani cooking was! My absolute favourite dishes were the Dal Makhani (black dahl), Paneer Masala and Keema curry. If you’re in Jaipur I highly recommend grabbing a bite to eat at Baradari restaurant and bar. It’s more spenny than most restaurants you’ll come across but nothing out of question for London. It’s a great spot to stop at before going in to City Palace next door. P.S. don’t order western food here. Their Indian dishes were awesome.
  4. You MUST visit the Taj Mahal. At first I wasn’t keen on hitting up the tourist hot-spots so (I’m ashamed to say) I toyed with the idea of not going to the Taj Mahal. I am SO glad we did. It was one of the most breath-taking buildings I’d ever seen and it was a marvel to explore the grounds. Everything about this visit had charm. From the monkeys being thrown bananas by the security guards to the Arabic script that graced the marble tiles.
  5. Say YES to a wedding invite. If you ever have the honour of being invited to a wedding in India – don’t think, just go. It will be one of the most memorable and special things you will experience. An absolute RAVE of a party! Make sure you pre-order enough traditional clothing for each event (there may be four or more). I wish I had ordered more as it made it so much more special when everyone is dressed in the beautiful, bright colours. Prepare yourself for the time of year you’ll be there. I went in December and wished I’d taken warmer clothes. Layering is everything at that time of year.

indian bride



dumbo house nyc view

It’s been roughly a month since returning from NYC and to subdue the insatiable travel bug that’s consuming me. Wondering what to do during a long weekend in New York City? I’ve pulled together my favourite pieces of our whistle stop tour.

I hadn’t been to the city for pleasure before (only work) so this was the perfect opportunity to go wild – with food and shopping of course.

flat iron new york

Things that stood out to me most about the big apple:

  1. It is REALLY expensive. I was expecting to spend a lot but my was it pricey. Clothes were generally speaking, a steal (we visited the sale section at Bloomingdales a few times) but the drinks and food is where it will hit you – especially with the tipping culture they have over there.
  2. Best to explore by foot. Take come comfy shoes as it is a concrete jungle and it’s worth exploring as much as possible by walking around – you’ll find the cutest parks and streets this way.
  3. Sephora is life. 
  4. The food, although expensive is fantastic. Equally as good as the phenomenal restaurants you’ll find in London.

Read on for my hotlist…

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