Beauty Crush: Jo Malone, Vanilla and Rose water

I would say I’m the kind of girl that can withstand the alluring ways of the Selfridges sales assistants but nine times out of 10 I’m a goner. Show me what your selling, tell me why it’s great and if it’s beauty related, I’m sold. Despite that, I did have to resist the perfection that is Jo Malone’s Rose Water and Vanilla Cologne. At £80 a bottle it’s not the cheapest of fragrances and so until next month it would have to wait. Having said that, it’s still cheaper than the Tom Ford posse which is a bonus.

After being lured in for a hand massage by the finely dressed assistant, Harriet, I really was butter. The body wash she used was silk, the moisturizer was silk and the fragrance to finish was a spritz of Madagascan beaches with an ocean breeze and a banana nut cocktail in my hand. Honestly, it felt like I’d been whisked away to paradise with how incredible this scent was. Naturally at that price the fragrance lingered on my skin with delicacy until the next morning when I was ready to wash it off. It was a sad farewell but after the roller-coaster of senses this fragrance left me it’s no doubt I’ll be going back to claim what’s mine…


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