A sensual journey: La vie est belle

Some people believe that fragrance is all about projecting sexiness, others believe it’s a sign of their fresh, clean attitude to life. Like the basis of this fragrance, I believe scents tell a story. La Vie Est Belle is a deep and intricate scent that evolves as it takes it’s journey on your skin. For some, it may be overbearing, but the initial intense sweetness of this fragrance says more than it’s first impressions.

Three master perfumers Olivier Polge, Dominique Ropion and Anne Flipo set out to create a fragrance somewhere between “shadow and light”. A perfect fit for dusk. It brings imagery of a long silky dress on a fall evening with the last drops of light bouncing off the steps she walks through.

My initial reaction was that it was too intense. Is there such thing? With fragrance perhaps, but I could tell this fragrance needed a chance. With a backing of the phrase “less but better” I didn’t understand it until I wore it. Two delicate sprays on my wrist then rubbed behind my ears, I took the fragrance with me on a journey. I realized that this was a fragrance for a special occasion.

As my day went on the scent developed a maturity with it’s concoction of patchouli, sambac jasmine, iris pallida, orange blossom flower and the signature sweetness, gourmand accord. The latter being an elixir of vanilla, tonka bean, praline, blackcurrant and pear. A delicious mixture of olfactory flavours.

Set in a stunning curved bottle this scent is reserved for special nights that require a special finishing touch.

La Vie Est Belle is available at all Lancome counters from mid-August 2012 from $72.


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