The daydream emerald green: Sephora + Pantone Universe 2013

{Killer Palettes}

When I was a teen I used to daydream about wearing a long silky gown at a ball of some sort with pearl earrings and that dress was always emerald green in my head. I’d always loved this colour on both olive and pale skin.

Just look at Christina Hendricks with that perfect hair. Or Emily Blunt stunning on the cover of Cosmetics Mag. Scuh a sultry and seductive shade right?

{Those tatas}

{Stunning red lip with emerald on Emily Blunt}

My favourite pieces from the collection have to be the Colour Block Theory Shadow in Eclipsed as well as the Graphic Lift Liner in Emerald. Gorgeous, intense tones with tons of colour power.

Check out the gallery of Emerald products that’ll get you (and me!) through 2013 in style.


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