All the neutral nail polishes you need…

Okay except ONE. Before I begin with my collection I should tell you that I’ve got one more on my list:

Smith and Cult’s – Regret the Moon. As soon as that baby is in (on) my hands I’ll pop it on this post.

Also, one I recently finished was Essie’s – Spin The Bottle. Fantastic, opaque and creamy nude that’s warm in its tone. See below – isn’t it pretty? You know what, fine I’ve convinced myself I need to pick up another bottle tomorrow.

Okay I digress click to read more on my current collection!


Sally Hansen – Miracle Gel in Birthday Suit. 

These polishes are easily my favourite drugstore polishes but now that I think about it the price is actually matching that of Essie which in my head I pegged as a professional brand…

Regardless, the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel range is AWESOME and though this shade needs three coats to perfection, it’s a glossy, rich, pale pink that lasts a long time. This is your classic pink nude.


Nails Inc. – Multivitamin in Queensbury Way

Nails Inc. often have awesome shades and although I naughtily nabbed this in TK Maxx, if you can’t find it there you can grab The New White in White Horse Street and you’ll  be set. This dusty, mauvy hue is also opaque and has that air of ‘classic but trendy‘ pink. If you’re a beauty junkie you’ll know what I mean. The kind of pink your colleagues would enquire about…

Yves Saint Laurent – Beige Leger

I mean. This shade gives me all kinds of beauty feels. It’s the kind of colour an artist would bring to life. A nude, meets grey meets pink. It’s just BEAUTIFUL. As I’ve mentioned before in many a post, between Dior and YSL they have my favourite ever formulas that I’ve tried so far. This shade is the ultimate fashionista nude.


Dior – Pied De Poule

We’re moving in to true grey territory so if you prefer your nudes a little warmer these may not be for you. If you’re looking for a cooler neutral, then a grey shade is what you need in your life.

Sadly I’ve failed you all and have included my favourite from a 2014 collection BUT an almost identical dupe is YSL’s Beige Gallery which you can find here.

Essie – Chin Chilly

Finally and probably my least worn shade of them all at this point in time but still an absolutely winner is Essie’s Chinchilly. This baby was huge back in 2010/2011, literally everyone was wearing it but it’s still a great number. A dark and brownish grey that’s a fab shade for winter.

Do you have any favourite neutral/nudes? PLEASE share and enable me @remagouyez on all channels 🙂 x


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