Balyage for Brunette Hair – subtle colour for summer

It first happened when I was fifteen years old. I joined a girl band and was introduced to a world that led me down a dangerous path. I thought it’d work out fine and I wouldn’t regret it but I soon did after I went a little too wild. Dying my natural, thick locks every shade of purple, pink and blue was a big mistake. Just like my mother said it would be.

I spent the next year dying and cutting the life out of my hair and since then it’s never grown back. Cue irrational fear of my hair potentially falling out if colour touched it.
Fast forward over a decade (ugh – how time flies) and I decide to take the plunge of colouring again. My hair is fine and there really isn’t much left of it so when I researched in to this method of hair colouring I was intrigued. Something that wouldn’t touch the roots of my hair but delicately sweep rays of golden sunshine through my dark strands. Bring on the Jessica Alba hair inspo.
I did exactly that. Took my google search screenshots of Alba’s hair colour down to the L’Oreal Academy to be at their mercy.
My colourist (I wish I took down her name) made the effort of asking me exactly what I did and didn’t want to ensure I didn’t leave in tears. To be fair, her hair was gorgeous so I trusted I was in safe hands. She stroked the lightening agent through the under parts of my hair, making sure to leave the crown alone. Thank youuuuu brilliant hairdresser.
A couple of hours later and I’m left with a hair style that got me oh so excited. I still had a head of hair (despite my fears) and to boot, I finally had the golden strands I’d dreamt of and I didn’t need to cause any damage in the process.
To keep my hair looking lush, I recently started using the Redken, All Soft range again. The IPN (interlock-protein network) technology within these products means these products are strengthening the shaft of your hair from the inside out. It also works to smooth out the cuticle of dry, damaged hair to leave you with soft, shiny locks. Also (and just as important) my other half loves the smell of my hair when I use this line.
I’ll be getting another balyage to intensify the colour soon so will give you an update then but in the mean time, whaddya think?

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  1. June 14, 2016 / 11:40 am

    I’ve gotten mine done for the first time a month ago. It turned out lighter than I’d like, so I’ll probably darken it again for fall. But I love the change since I’ve never dyed my hair until now!

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