Be blue with your beauty for World Water Day

It means so much to me that two of my favourite brands are working to raise awareness about the lack of clean water that’s accessible by huge numbers of communitites around the world.

Both Biotherm and Giorgio Armani have started initiatives to raise aware about the campaign that was initially put in place by the United Nations. You can’t help but feel like a complete a**hole for being so blessed with something that seems so simple, when you hear that there are still 800 million people without clean water worldwide and 4,000 children die everyday because of it.

Armani’s campaign #acquaforlife2013 will provide communities in Ghana and Bolivia with 100 litres of clean water for every bottle of the Acqua di Gioia fragrance sold. Better yet, for every ‘like’  on the Giorgio Armani Fragrances page from now and for the next couple of weeks, they’ll donate 50 litres of clean water – so you have no excuse not to take part!

Biotherm on the other hand have made me realize something incredibly scary that I didn’t even know before. The average person uses 50 litres of water to complete their beauty routine – seriously, how could we? They’ve asked that this week, we cut our usage down to one litre, every evening. This brand is my number one skin care brand and their products are heavily based on water and it’s many, great properties.

This #bottleaday challenge has been hard for me because I foolishly wait for the water to get warm, without even thinking. Boy has this changed that. The fact that I didn’t stop to think of my selfish, diva ways really pissed me off. Someone is dying when they could be drinking this fresh, cold water. If you’re thinking “Well it’s not like that water is going to be given to them,” don’t. Just do something.

In the UK,  Just A Drop  stood out to me for focussing on water related diseases and helping provide people with clean, safe water. Here in Canada there’s WaterCan which helps provide the world’s poorest communities with clean water and basic sanitation. I also donate to the Canadian Red Cross if you were interested in signing up to aid them with their community and disaster relief work. Charity is a very personal thing and it’s not something to brag about but definitely something to spread the word about. I hope that you can find the charity that means a lot to you and give as little or as much as you can, when you can.

“The right to water and sanitation is a human right” – United Nations

Thanks for listening, beauties.


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