Beauty News: MAC Casual Colour

{Delicate Beauty}

MAC’s newest collection has embodied the essence of natural and innocent looking colours. The make-up brand are constantly releasing new products but this one is note-worthy for it’s simplicity and shades. They’re perfect for the summer and I’m almost certain the nail colours will fly off the shelves. The “prettiness” of the shades makes you want to have them all, it’s a little tempting to smuggling them on to my make-up shelves. “What do you mean honey? I’ve had these for years…”. Released across Canada today I can’t wait to get my fingers in them.

For beauties in a rush, there’s nothing better than easy-to-apply make-up that does more than one job. I’ve always been a huge fan of the Lip-Conditioners that MAC have as part of their permanent collection, so I wonder if these little pots will have the same texture. Given that they’re made to be worn on lips and cheeks, I’ve read that the cheek finish is quite a dewy one.


{Pale shades of pretty}

The nail polishes retail at $19CDN and the colour pots for £24CDN and can be bought online at / /


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