{Dior Spring 2014 – Trianon}

Dior spring 2014 collection

{Dior – the products}

It’s the dead of winter I’m shamelessly pulling out my pastel sweaters and lippie shades already. No really, day one of 2014 and you can see in my NYE post that I’m already wearing coral lipstick. Enter squeal of excitement upon unpacking the Dior spring 2014collection.

dior trianon spring 2014 diorblush

{Diorblush – Trianon}

First up, if you ask me, the centrepiece of the collection. Diorblush in Trianon – a blush that instantly warms your face with an intense pink glow. I can’t decide whether I want to cherish it or rub the entire palette all over my face. Suggestions?

dior lip glow balm in coral

{Dior Lip Glow in Coral and Rouge Dior Lipstick in Crinoline}

My second favourite pieces stand strong in the lip category. I didn’t really believe in the lip glow when I first applied it but the longer I left it on, the more it started to work it’s magic! A lip balm that works with your natural skin colouring to give you a personalized result.

Rouge Dior Lipstick in Crinoline spring trianon 2014

{Wearing: Diorblush in Trianon and Rouge Dior Lipstick Crinoline}

The Crinoline lipstick is essentially my dream coral. I mean it’s just a shade that will literally flatter the palest of pretties to the darkest of divas. So it’s got me covered from winter to summer! The creamy formula glides on and give your make up a totally fresh makeover.

dior spring lip glow swatch coral

{Wearing: Diorblush in Trianon and Lip Glow in Coral}

dior addict lip gloss trianon Petillante and Exquisse

{Dior Addict Lip Gloss in Petillante and Exquisse}

IT’S LIKE ICE CREAM AND RASPBERRY SYRUP. I know, you shouldn’t trust food that’s neon but I couldn’t help but think of the ice cream van that’d come around my hood as a kid when I saw these lip glosses. Soft serve, strawberry ice pops and raspberry syrup. #nom

dior addict lip gloss Exquisse spring 2014 trianon

{Dior Addict Lip Gloss in Exquisse}

My sister’s kinda stealing this one from the beauty drawer. Isn’t the shade special? A wet, glossy pop of fuchsia.

Dior Addict Lip Gloss in Petillante

{Dior Addict Lip Gloss in Petillante}

This subtle and shimmery pink is soft enough to wear as a nude for the perfect evening look. I prefer to stay away from shimmery lips in the daytime but I wouldn’t be quick reject this beauty.

dior spring 2014 mono eye shadow

{Dior Backstage Prime and Mono Eye Shadow}

I. Adore the Mono Eye Shadows that Dior has to offer. This matte collection of pastels is nothing short of eye brightening and love that you can literally apply with your fingers in seconds.

dior spring beauty look 2014

{Wearing the mono shadow – applied with fingers}

Lilac on the eyes? I never would have thought it but it doesn’t look too bad, right?!

 dior new primer pore glow maximizer

{Dior Pore Minimizer and Glow Maximizer}

Er, so, my pores have decided to make a massive appearance on my skin lately and I’m facing the fact that it’s time to start the cover up. Dior’s mattifying balm makes the pores disappear in seconds but it’s not best for those who have dry skin…

The Glow Maximizer on the other hand…sublime! I mixed a pump in with my foundation and got nothing but a glowalicious base. If you need to tone it down but don’t want to mattify your skin then sweep some of your Ambient Powder overtop for a luminous finish.

dior spring nail vernis polish 2014

{Dior Vernis Spring 2014}

Alongside the YSL polis Dior’s Vernis is the best on the market. These beautiful shades and creamy and apply like a dream. More to come on these…


revlon marchesa nail tools 2014

{Revlon by Marchesa beauty tools}

K, so I’m ashamed to admit that this whole time I thought Marchesa was a little, old Italian man who created this designer line of stunning gowns to grace the fashion world with. Kinda not the situation though.

Thanks Revlon, for including a picture of co-founders of the brand, Keren Craig and Georgina Chapman in your press release. *Enter embarrassed face*

HP At Marchesa Spring 2012 Fashion Show - After Party

{Marchesa co-founders – Keren Craig and Georgina Chapman}

Education out of the way, I was in awe of the Marchesa nail stickers that Revlon  released in 2013 because of the intricate, glamourous and colourful designs they had to offer.

February 2014 sees the release of this gorgeous and substantial nail tools collection. Available in baby pink, black and navy, you’ll now be able to prep your tips in style and on the go.

revlon marchesa manicure essentials kit 2014

{Revlon by Marchesa Manicure Essentials Kit – $12.99}

Revlon Marchesa Mirror 2014

{Revlon by Marchesa Compact Mirror – $6.49}

revlon marchesa nail file 2014 tools

{Revlon File n’ Peel 6-in-1 File, Revlon by Marchesa Box O’ Files – both, $4.49}

Available at drugstores
**These beautilicious products were sent to TBB for consideration and made the cut!

Tarte of Giving Holiday set 2013_

{Tarte – The Tarte of Giving}

Christmas is upon us. Yes, I know it’s actually three days away but believe it or not I still haven’t started my gift shopping

In light of my failure to stay on top of this year’s special occasion I’ll be spending the next two days raiding the malls and getting my hands on everything I can for the wonderful people in my life. Beauty wise, Sephora is brimming with the most stunning sets I’ve seen in a long while. We don’t have time to wait for shipping so it’s not the biggest problem if these sets are sold out online. Head to the stores and check out my top picks for gifting below. If you’re anything like me you’ll be spending the next few days like a headless chicken. I hope my gift guide for the beauty addicts in your life makes things a little easier 😉

Tarte’s The Tarte of Giving set is fantastic for the busy-girl in your life who tends to travel a lot. Stock her up with this gorgeous beauty case (with a shower hook!) that’s filled with a variety of glosses, full 20 piece eye shadow palette and skin-care and make up mini’s to have her set for a while. $71…I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the bargain price.


{Stila Artist’s Essential Set}

If you know a girl that refuses to leave her house without a full shadow look then Stila have you covered. The Artist’s Palette is loaded with four quads that offer a variety of shades to mix and match for a myriad of looks just waiting to be created.


I love that it comes with a liner, brush, lip stain and blush to complete of the intricate eye looks your girl’s created. Another $71 set that is totally worth it’s weight in gold.

Make Up for Ever Aqua Rouge

{Make Up For Ever – Ultimate Long Lasting Lip Set}

I have long since been a fan of Make Up For Ever’s Aqua Rouge lip colours (an opaque lip of colour that still allows for long make out sessions) this set is for the girl that goes bold before she goes home.

Six full size lip stains with double ended gloss and the matching lip liner to keep your pout in place. If she has a couple of these it’s worth gifting the set to allow her to play with more long-lasting colour. $168 is pricey so I would reserve this extra-special set for you BFF or sister.

{Tarte – Off The Cuff Amazonian Clay Blush Palette}

Hands down this is my favourite release of the 2013 gift sets. It’s simple I know but the size of the blushes is fantastical. The palette itself is stunning to look at and it’s the perfect collection of shades for any skin tone. 4.5grams of five different shades of blush inclusive of the perfect, matte bronzer. I just want to keep this set in my life forever.

$50 for the palette, the blushes are $31 individually. Enough said.

Shades featured: Dollface, Park Avenue Princess, Darling, Dazzled, and Crave.

{Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette}

If you know a make up addict that hasn’t got this in her arsenal then you can save yourself the searching time and pick up this pretty. There aren’t many setting powders that compare to this line and the fact that there are three variations in one set makes it a MU dream. Featuring Dim Light, Incandescent Light (exclusive) and Radiant Light it offers a variety of finishes for any make up look. I love using the middle shade to set my under-eye concealer and keep it bright but not cakey. Bonus? You get a 5ml  Veil Mineral Primer with the palette. $58 for the palette where the full size individuals are $52.


dior make up

{Dior Golden Snow Beauty look – Christmas 2013}

Sooo, if you’ve been following me on instagram you’ll notice that I’ve finally started taking more time to play around with eye shadow in my beauty looks. I’ll be honest, I’ve bee lazy and I wasn’t quite sure how to apply to my hooded lids. Thanks to my girls Jessica and Stacey I think I’ve learnt how to deal with odd eyes.

golden snow dior christmas holiday 2013 collection

{Star of the show: 664 – Golden Snow – Eye Shadow Palette}

Not that I’m prone to getting excited over a shadow palette this particular one did make me squeal a little. The hues of warm pink, grey/black, sparkling white and true, glittery gold are the perfect combo for a feminine and festive beauty look.

dior beauty holiday look

{Using the deep charcoal shade over the pale pink sheen on the eyes}

Playing around with the Limited Edition, Golden Snow palette I used the darker blue/black shade over the satin pale pink. It’s dramatic but I love the depth of the eye shadow for a special event. What do you think?


{Glitter and gold}

For a recent pot luck Party I mixed a bronze Chanel shade with the intense gold from the Dior palette. SUPER gorgeous eye shadow to wear to a party – I recommend using it wet so the glitter sticks to the lid properly.

dior holiday 2013 dioriffic

{Diorific Lipstick – in Minuit}

Feelin’ fancy applying this satin, raspberry shade in a golden case.

diorffic nails holiday 2013

{Diorific Holiday Nail polish in Minuit and Frimas}

How gorgeous are these nail polish bottles? A deep burgundy and pale grey/pink (like the shade in the eye shadow palette!) both with delicate flecks of gold stirred in to the formula.

dioriffic lipstick 2013

{Diorific Lipstick in Minuit}

Oh you fancy, huh?

dioriffic minuit nail polish

{Diorific Nail Polish in Minuit}

That twinkle wasn’t photoshopped…Dior nail polish is now neck and neck in polish formula alongside YSL.

**These beautilicious products were sent to The Burgundy Book for consideration and they made the cut!**