Brow Lamination Review with Before and After!

If you know me, you know my intense obsession with brows. When asked what my favourite feature is it’s ALWAYS my brows. That is, when I’m having a good brow day. Three months ago I discovered this relatively new beauty treatment via Instagram (don’t judge). Followed by…well over an hour of #browlamination searches I was hooked. This brushed up, fluffy and full brow was everything I’d hoped for and more. Think Gigi Hadid brows. Shortly after, a friend of mine recommended a brow artist she new based in London and it was then that the talented @Thea.Beauty_ entered my life. I won’t look back!!

eyebrow lamination{Fresh Brow Lamination by Thea}

Eyebrow Lamination is a process that involves chemically treating the brow hairs to allow for a brushed up, fluffy look without the use of brow gel or products. Think, a perm for your brows.

The before an after pictures below show the results of Thea’s lamination, tint and shape treatment. It will set you back £60 and last anywhere between 6-8 weeks. The results for any misshapen, thin, lacklustre brow are striking. If you’re a victim of over plucking this treatment could be the answer.

Now, you don’t need to be a brow expert to know that chemical treatments of any sort will have an impact on your brows. Since a professional (Otto Mitter – head trainer at Ellebana) in the industry has explained this so well and far better than I could, I will leave his video here for your to watch in your own time before you make the decision to get the treatment.

I’ve decided since I have course brows, I’ll get the treatment every other time I see Thea. In between this I’ll go for her regular brow wax and tint which also yields the most perfect brow shape and colour.

To book an appointment with Thea DM her on Instagram:

Or call: 📞+447785185225

brow lamination before and after

One thing to note is the flexibility this treatment allows you with how to shape your brows. At first I thought the result would be really sharp, upwards drawn brows but actually you can control how ‘fluffy’ they look. I love the fluffy look (as above) but if you want something more discreet you can simply brush and fix them across vs upwards.

The other important thing to note is that they will need regular hydrating so it’s worth investing in a conditioning gel.

I’m currently using Benefit BrowVO Conditioning Eyebrow Primer (£25) alongside Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Gel (£19) in Dark Brown to style and set.

brow lamination results review


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