Chelsea Flower Show Inspired: Wearable Floral Fragrances

In years gone by a floral focused scent was rarely my poison of choice. I preferred my floral notes laced with pink pepper and sitting comfortably under a fruiter note to make the perfect powdery elixir.

That being said! The recent Chelsea Flower Show in London inspired me to pull out my collectibles of flower focused fragrances…

marc jacobs daisy perfume fragrance

Marc Jacobs – Daisy

Despite it’s intensely flowery packaging it’s no surprise I love this scent. I was first introduced to it on a University friend years ago and was mesmerised by the clean, fresh air in her dorm room – I wanted to smell that clean!

Strawberry notes leave the bottle at first spritz with lacings of violet leaf and pink grapefruit. The flowers all sit in the heart with gardenia, violet and jasmine but it’s the dry down I find the most captivating – white woods, vanilla and musk. I’m SUCH a sucker for the combination of the latter two…

Perfume in a scenario: laying in a field on a summers day, wearing a white, flowing dress eating strawberries whilst sipping on on a Sauvignon Blanc Cloudy Bay.

jo malone red roses perfume

Jo Malone – Red Roses

I picked up this bottle at the airport on my way to Morocco though didn’t wear it out there too often as I felt it got dampened by the heat. A spring scent, I prefer to layer this one with the earl grey and cucumber fragrance by Jo Malone for a truly British olfactory experience. The first scent is a combination of sharp lemon and mint. Violet leaf and bulgarian rose sit in the middle with an interesting base of beeswax. I’d say this is the truest rose fragrance I’ve tried so if you’re not a fan of florals. Steer clear of this one.

Perfume in a scenario: first date, wearing a floral tea dress (obviously) , a spring day, out for lemon and honey flavoured gelato then renting bikes to ride through Battersea park.

kenzo flower in the air

Kenzo – Flower in the Air

I wore the original Flower fragrance at the age of 14 years old – it was actually my first ‘grown up’ fragrance and the only perfume I’ve worn for a for a few years in a row. Full transparency will have me admit that I can’t bear to smell it now. That’s what happens when you wear a fragrance through your first teenage heartbreak, right?

Fast forward over a decade later of relationships, perfumes and experiences from travelling the world…Kenzo’s 2013 rendition, Flower in the Air is the perfect reflection of the maturity of the fragrance. Still light and floral, raspberry and pink pepper (told you I loved it) sit atop rose, magnolia (such a pretty flower to photograph) and gardenia. The base? White musk of course!

Perfume in a scenario: laying tangled in crisp, white bedsheets on a Sunday morning with the windows open and the garden breeze flowing in to the room.

(admission: I spray this on my sheets sometimes…)

maison martin margiela flower market replica

Replica by Maison Martin Margiela –  Flower Market 

The Replica fragrances exude simplicity in their packaging with apothecary jars that are vanity worthy. The scents however, not so universal. There’s a Replica fragrance moment for most but this particular floral is quite specific. ‘Crushed leaves’ blended with the most floral combination of freesia, jasmine, tuberose, rose, layered with a fruity peach and sitting on a grounded cedarwood and oak moss.

This scent is so different from your standard floral fragrance. It’s a true flowery scent even with the dry down. This one for me is a refreshing change – only a couple of soft sprays of this are needed for a light, lingering fragrance.

Perfume in a scenario: studying or reading in the sunshine before heading out for happy hour on a rooftop.

Do you have a floral fragrance in your collection? Let me know which one! @RemaGouyez



  1. June 1, 2016 / 1:55 am

    Love how you paired these with scenarios to wear them in!

    I love Red Roses + Earl Grey combo you mentioned. I agree it really makes this floral scent more interesting. I actually just sold my Red Roses because it’s not love anymore. I will pick up Diptyque Eau Rose instead. I prefer its freshness and crispness over Red Roses these days.

    • June 10, 2016 / 10:06 pm

      Ah thank you babe! I will have to give Diptyque’s version a try! I do find the Jo Malone one to be quite strong.

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