Clear skin routine using Kiehl’s Since 1851

Hey ya’ll! Just wanted to do a quick post on my evening skincare routine. A few of you have asked about the products I use so I thought I’d pull it together in one place. Now [DISCLAIMER] I do indeed work for Kiehl’s but if you know me well you’d know I wouldn’t write this unless I meant it…

I spend an absolute fortune on beauty products (yes even though I work in the industry) but as you can see on my shelf it’s not just Kiehl’s that I use. In there you’ll spot a bit of Glossier, RMS, GlamGlow, Vichy and more – but the majority of my core routine is Kiehl’s. Simply because it’s the only thing that has completely transformed my skin and keeps it clear. Once upon a time I had really bad breakouts all over my forehead and in the hollows of my cheeks. After years of trying to figure out how to get rid of acne I was over the moon when Kiehl’s did the trick. I also suffered from bad scarring but I’ll do another post on ‘how to get rid of discolouration / acne scars’ in the near further. Below are the products I use to keep my skin clear and glowing by morning!

clear skin skincare routine

  1. Midnight Recovery Botanical Cleansing Oil – removes my make up SO effortlessly!
  2. Calendula Herbal Extract Alcohol Free Toner – soothing and balancing – preps the skin for serum
  3. Iris Extract Activating Essence Treatment – game changer. Liquid exfoliator that improve texture and radiance
  4. Hydro-Plumping Re-texturizing Serum – must have. Deep hydration, plumps and refines skin surface
  5. Midnight Recovery Concentrate – Completely transforms my skin overnight – glowing by morning
  6. Ultra Facial Balm – I prefer the balm at night as it feels like a comforting veil and offers so much hydration
  7. Midnight Recovery Eye – hydrating and brightening. Really gets rid of fine lines!
  8. By Terry – Baume De Rose – the BEST lip balm I have ever used. So hydrating and soft all night long.

Let me know if you have any questions bubs! xo


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