Creative finds: Revlon Nail Art Pens

I used to this nail art pens should be reserved for slumber parties and/or a mid-teen crisis but since nail art is making such a splash on the beauty scene it only made sense that beauty brands would start to offer us something to have fun with.  

I recently received the new Revlon Nail Art pens at their Magic of Make Up event and I’ll be honest, I’ve been using them without the need to resurface my gothic choker from the 10th grade.

I still struggle to some to terms with sparkly nail confetti though. Too far? For me, perhaps, but I love that the dual ended brushes and shades allow you to mix and match between pens. Use #1 as the base colour and #2 as your art shade.

The pens that boast solid colours on both sides just mean that #2 is a fine, thin brush that allows you to doodle to your heart’s content. I decided to go with the deep, moss green from “Cosmic” with a fine stroke of the chromatic gold from “Vincent Van Gold’ (cute!). I’m pretty sure I saw this design on the wonderful Kristen Vinakmens – EIC of Cosmetics Magazine back in December, could have been the same shades too actually…

Which pens would you pick mix and match?



  1. kristen @ glambunctious
    May 27, 2013 / 12:02 am

    Come on – everyone needs to bust out their gothic chokers ever so often! 😉 I love the look of that hot pink and salmon one!

    • May 27, 2013 / 8:32 pm

      HAHAHAH I know right?! :p Thanks for reading Kristen 😀

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