Delectable bites: A piece of Paris in Toronto

{A dozen a dream for only $25}

I absolutely adore macarons. I made a feeble attempt to make them once and like caramel, it just proved to be too difficult. Recreating these delicate cookies (it really does feel insulting calling them that) is so dependent on timing and temperature. Something that takes a lot of practice. So to save the time I found the place that has perfect macarons in the city

Nadége can be found on Queen West and is home to an array of interesting flavours. Founded by French pastry chef, Nadège Nourian, the boutique truly has brought a piece of France to the city.

Not as gourmet as the ones I’ve had from Pierre Hermé in Paris or London but still amazing in terms of texture and the flavours are still delicious. They have the perfect bite to the shell and the ganache is ever so soft, enough to melt in your mouth

{My favourite of them all, hazelnut works so well in macarons}

My favourite flavours were the salted caramel, vanilla and especially the hazelnut and cranberry.


{Sweet treats and the perfect drink}

The latte here complemented the sweetness of the macarons so well. I was surprised at how enjoyable it was. I didn’t have to add a sweetener as it washed my palate for the next button of sugar I was about to enjoy. The best part about this particular boutique is that it opens at 8am and closes at 9pm on Thursdays and Fridays. So you can grab a buttery croissant before or after work.


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