Eating our way through Copenhagen: A city of all the noms

Stuart and I like to eat. It’s no secret, we’re not ashamed to order enough food for four between the two of us. YEP. We’ve done that before. Anyway while we pile on the pounds we can at least spare you the suffering and just send you off straight to the good stuff, right?

Best for Breakfast

Don’t make the rookie mistake I made. It’s pronounced – Mad Og Cafe. What feels like years ago, Roop brought me here for brekkie and there I dined, in over-eaters heaven. A menu where you can order multiple things at once is ideal so naturally I made myself at home… Why not? Tapas for breakfast is just spectacular, especially when it’s not boring items. The scrambled eggs are seasoned with chives and mushrooms, the sweet candied carrot muffins are soft and warm. Oh, and of course, in true Scandi style, the rye breads are perfection.


Best for Lunch

Upon arrival Stu and I were far to tired to start checking out google reviews for our first lunch so we hassled our friend’s flatmate for reviews.

I know, we’re incredibly unorganised. Roop would have had at least four suggestions in her perfectly planned notes app that were all within a 3 mile radius.

We cycled over to Paté Paté (with slight pessimism based on it’s name) but were immediately impressed. The decor – rustic wooden tables, brass lighting and it was obvious they had quite an extensive wine list. The French fusion menu doesn’t come cheap but hey, WHEN IN COPENHAGEN EAT ALL THE FOOD. We treated ourselves to a full three course meal (I had the squid, Stu had rabbit) with sides and wine and it came to roughly £160.

Most of you wont eat as much as we do so I would highly recommend paying a visit as the dishes were superb.



Best for coffee

Ah Prolog Coffee Bar…the place where we both spent a good 45 minutes irately discussing how wrong it was that a lady in the coffee bar had left her baby outside in the freezing cold in the pram….meanwhile the bub belonged to the man sitting right next to us. Yep. As he walked away with the stroller we both frozen in cringeworthy time.

Dramatics aside the coffee is rich, strong and the flat white’s are perfectly creamy. A small and cosy place to grab a pick-me-up and well worth the visit. You can tell the coffee is made with love as the staff are so warm and welcoming.

Best for Dinner

Best known for it’s tasting menu, Gorilla is the perfect date or social night restaurant. Get comfortable and tuck in to the non-stop flow of delectable dishes. Select from the menu or just go for it with a choice of ten or 15 servings of their tasting menu. Let them know if there is anything you don’t eat and they’ll do the rest. Don’t panic, the portions are tiny but the taste is rich and mouthwatering. Think of it as a culinary adventure.




I hope these mini reviews help inspire your reservations, the rest of the city is bursting with interesting sights to see and the best way to get around and see it all really is to cycle. If you’re not a confident cyclist just avoid rush hour but honestly otherwise you will be fine as the lanes are large enough.

Let me know in the comments below if there’s anywhere else you would recommend visiting in the city!

P.S. Stu is currently finishing up the gym he’s building in his garage so I promise we’re working on the weight…

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  1. February 26, 2017 / 9:28 am

    I love this! Need to visit that city again soon

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