Exploring the city with Summer Treasures

{A Biotherm Summer}

I just bought my first bike, ever. Sure I may have hit a car mirror or two, almost got run over by taxi and inherited a scar for life on my leg, but this summer has been #awesome so far. Aside from now commuting to work on my new bike I’m spending hours on end on the thing at the weekends. Taking trips down to the lake, these products are now a solid part of my routine and here’s why…

{Ultra Fluid Body Milk SPF 30 – $35}

I’ve always had a love for Hawaiian Tropic because I just can’t let go of those sickly tropical scents. Yeah, I like to smell like an exotic cocktail every now and then. Saying that, when the temperature is sweltering out and I know I’ll be exercising, I want something a lot lighter and a lot less fragrant.

Biotherm’s sunscreen is the perfect marriage of grease-free, lightweight protection that I won’t leave the house without if I’ll be out all day. It protects my olive skin from sunburn but still leaves room for a deeper tan to develop. Dreamy.

{Eau Oceane EDT – $53}

I have never been a fan of light, aquatic fragrances. Apart from Giorgio Armani’s Aqua Di Gioia my fragrance collection is swelling with sweet scents. When I received this fragrance from Biotherm I had my doubts but I find myself reaching for this EDT again and again. When the sun is scorching I love how this light fragrance leaves an air of citrus fruits with a dry down of cedarwood as I whizz past on my bike.

{Oligo Thermal Sparkle Cream – $35}

I actually have two tubs of this cream – I purchased it last year after falling madly in love with the results. Picture this. After spending a whole day in the great outdoors, rustling around in the grass and exploring this beautiful city in a different way — a makeover was in need for the hot date I had with my beau in the evening.

After a cool shower and slipping on my maxi-dress, I lather my skin in Biotherm’s aftersun and I’m instantly transformed. It leaves a delicate sparkle all over your body that literally makes you radiate. Enhancing my tan from the day’s work I feel and look like I’m ‘Waiting for Tonight’ J-Lo style. This product just wowed me from the get-go and still does.

{My summer treasures}



  1. August 9, 2013 / 5:00 pm

    Rema, I just adore how you profess your love for these products! I need that JLo-circa-1999-in-a-jar.

  2. ThinkBeautyTryBeauty
    August 7, 2013 / 12:38 am

    Wow! – LOVE this post! Love Biotherm too – DC

  3. Donna
    August 3, 2013 / 4:26 pm

    The Biotherm suncare line is really under-rated. I fell in love when I worked for the company and I’m still hooked!

    • August 4, 2013 / 4:59 am

      I totally agree, Donna! I recently found out a colleague of mine only uses Biotherm sunscreen and was surprised to hear it! I was happy to see that someone appreciated it as much as I do 😉

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