Five months in: My Curly Hair Routine

It’s been five adventurous months of wearing my curls (haven’t straightened my hair once since February). If you want the honest truth, I still don’t like wearing my hair like this but I’m trying my best! The reality is that I don’t feel as pretty with my natural hair.

People are often stunned when I say this. “How can you not love having curly hair?”, or “Women pay good money to have curls like your” are things I hear often…

rema gouyez curly hairI’m definitely becoming more comfortable with them but I’m convinced I’ll feel better about them when my hair is longer…

To get me through this natural hair journey I’ve been trying lots of different products to define the curls and make them less frizzy.

The main goal? Find products that:

  1. define the curls
  2. still give me volume
  3. reduce frizz
  4. loosen the curl so it’s not as coily
  5. moisturise my very dry locks

ouai curly hair shampoo conditioner

After a few months of experimenting this combination seems to give me the best results!

  1. Ouai – Shampoo and Conditioner for curls
  2. Pureology – Colour Fanatic Multi-Tasking Hair Beautifier
  3. Umberto Giannini – More Than Moisture, Twirling And Styling Definition Cream

fine hair curl products

umberto giannini more than moisture

I recently picked this curl cream up after using the Boots owned brand curl cream (It’s a curly girls best kept secret) but started to find that it was drying my hair out. This More than Moisture cream gives me incredibly hydrated locks and has become my absolute favourite.

umberto giannini curl cream

Do you have curly hair? Which products do you use?!




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