From Brazil, I love…Tododia Body Lotion

{Beauty on the beaches of Rio De Janeiro}

In keeping with her natural, Brazilian beauty, Liz is in love with a product that makes her skin glow with health. She tells me why the favourite part of her beauty regime keeps her in harmony throughout the hot summers. There’s something about Brazilian women that make me think that they were born to be beautiful. I’d love to visit there soon and learn more about their beauty culture. Read on for Liz’s favourite…

Name: Liz Gomes Corrêa

Age: 23

City: Niterói, Brazil

Occupation: Fashion Designer

Favourite beauty product:

A green grape and coconut water body lotion by an environmentally friendly brand called NATURA. It’s from their Tododia line.

Describe the product and its benefits:

It’s a body lotion that brings freshness and hydration to your body at the same time. It’s amazing to wear during the Brazilian heat! Especially during summer days.

What do you love most about the product?

I love not being “sticky” all day, with all the heat and. It’s a product that doesn´t leave my pores blocked. My skin keeps breathing. I love the way my skin absorbs it and it smells like heaven!

Is it available in other colours or scents?

This scent is a limited edition release, so every Summer they bring out a new fragrance.

{Bath and body moisturizing line. Image source}


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