From Hong Kong, I love…Bobbi Brown eye liner

Alisha has lived in Hong Kong her whole life. As a busy Journalist her beauty regime has to be squeezed in to her schedule. Her daily beauty consists of her favourite eyeliner and sometimes some concealer. The special occasions are where she’d incorporate more products into her look. Alisha tells me why she loves a product that has made it to her daily routine.

Name: Alisha Haridasani

Age: 23

City: Hong Kong

Country: Hong Kong (not China…yet)

Occupation: Travel journalist

Favourite beauty product: Bobbi Brown creamy pencil eye liner

Describe the product and it’s benefits: I never leave home without a stroke of this and nothing else. Thankfully, the greatest advantage of this product is its intensity, which means that a tiny amount goes a long way.

What do you love most about the product? It’s long lasting, which is convenient given the amount of time I spend on the road.

Is it available in other colours or scents? (describe) Yes, midnight blue, brown plum, caviar and walnut.

{Bobbi Brown Eye Pencil: Image source}


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