From Honolulu, I love…MAC Mineralize Blush

                            {Rebecca wearing the MAC Mineralize blush}

The first in a series of favourite beauty products from around the world. Beginning with Honolulu in the State of Hawaii, Rebecca Nishimoto tells me what her must-have beauty product is and why.

Name: Rebecca Nishimoto

Age: 19

City: Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

Occupation: Beauty Advisor

Which product can’t you live without?

MAC Mineralize Blush

Describe the product:

This particular brand of blush is versatile as far as the amount of colour you prefer. On days where I have to work, I tend to put on more for a defined look, compared to a day where I just go to school and like a subtle glow.

What do you love most about the product?

I love that the little pop of colour really makes your entire face light up. On days where I don’t feel like putting on much make-up I still usually put on this blush so I don’t have a washed out face.

Is It available in other colours or scents?

The blushers are available in a variety of colours. From bright pinks to bronzy golds, they have a fine selection. 

{Mineralize Blushers by MAC: Image Source}


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