Bouncy blowout – a guide to the perfect at home blowdry

{Adding waves to a blowdry helps to boost volume}

Believe it or not, this blowdry was done using only a round brush and no curling tools. After years of trying to perfect my technique I was shown, last year by the incredible, Greg May. This talented, former police officer owns a salon in Yorkville , Toronto (Greg May Hair Architects) and it’s my absolute favourite hair salon in Toronto. No one quite understands hair like he does and he let me in on the secrets to getting that glamourous lift to my fine and flat hair.

{Kerastase Elixer oil for the hair}

As someone who has naturally curly and frizzy hair, I need the perfect tools for my blowdry. I begin with Greg’s own line of shampoo and conditioner, 60-Second-Silk. Both my mother and I refuse to use anything else now that we’ve found the secret to taming out frizz. Nothing has ever given me such silky locks, like this line does.

I also swear by the Kerastase Elixir Ultime. It has the most delicious smell ever and adds an intense softness to my coarse strands.

Another thing I can’t get this look without, is my boar bristle, round brush. To achieve big waves and a lot of volume, you simply must use a medium to large-sized round brush with lots of bristles that will cling to your hair.

Greg’s Tips:

1/ Tip your head upside down and dry your hair from the side, the back and the other side until it’s 70 – 80 per cent dry
2/ Pull the hair upwards as you dry it straight to keep the volume
3/ Twist the brush outwards as you begin to reach the ends of your hair to add the curls at the bottom

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