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If someone asked me today what would be the one beauty woe I would wish an instant change upon I’d answer without hesitation. It wouldn’t be a smaller nose, it wouldn’t be botox, it’d be healthier hair — you don’t realize how much you value it until you lose it! Since moving to Canada I’ve had nothing but hair trouble and it started with my scalp. For some reason the water here has felt it apt to take a toll on my strands so a saving grace was needed…

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{Clear Scalp and Hair Beauty}

I few months ago a colleague of mine recommended Clear for a long-term fix and I’m only just getting the chance to try it now. I know, I’m terrible!

Loaded with vitamins B5, C and E, a blend of nourishing oils and soothing aloe vera, it’s a little more special than your average shower routine.

We’re all guilty of wanting immediate results from our beauty products and much to my surprise this trio of haircare products offered just that! Within the couple of weeks that I’ve been trying the Intense Hydration line, my hair feel softer and scalp feels healthier.

That might sound ridiculous to some but as someone who’s had a dry, scalp for months it’s a blessing. My favourite part of this line is the Intense Hydration Deep Hydrating Treatment Mask — a product that office silk-like softness the moment you apply it. The bumps I once had on my scalp from dryness have already calmed down!

floral coechella headband

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How I plan to show off my healthy hair? A floral headband that’s totally Coachella — If I were in to that. I just love it because it’s pink and pretty!

The line ranges between $6-$9 dollars in drugstores and mass retailers. Want to try the product for yourself? Click the image below to get $3 off your Clear purchase. Who doesn’t love a discount!?

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  1. Luci
    November 19, 2014 / 10:14 pm

    Omg I have the same issues! Postpartum and before I had my baby! I have bumps of dryness also and I scratch them ( so bad, I know). I have been avoiding products with sulfates and parabens, I hope that these products don’t. I am using the live clean brand right now but I think a hydrating mask is needed based on your description. Thank you!

  2. Amanda Gibson
    October 2, 2014 / 8:44 pm

    I had the same problem when moving to Canada from the UK. I thought it might be the different water or perhaps the colder dryer climates during winter. Although a little on the expensive side, i found that the Tigi bed head range was great, especially the Urban Antidotes Re-Energize conditioner. However i will give the Clear range a go too, as its a lot cheaper!

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