How to get rid of dark spots and hyperpigmentation

For a good decade I suffered with really severe hyperpigmentation from superficial acne scars peppered along my cheekbones and forehead. I had no idea how to be rid of them other than suffering for months until they disappeared and covering up with a whole lot of Cover FX. After much research, reading and testing I finally found the answer to banishing scars and pigmentation in a couple of weeks, tops.

Exfoliate regularly with a physical exfoliant – this help pull out the dead skin cells that (that make up the scars) and. I LOVE the By Terry Cellularose Dual Exfoliation Scrub but it is a splurge. Find something that works for you that is strong enough to exfoliate but isn’t too harsh on the skin like some drugstore exfoliators can be. I also use my Clarisonic regularly as an exfoliator. Not only does this resurface my skin but deep cleans my pores to shrink them as much as possible.

by terry cellurose dual exfoliator

Tone with a liquid exfoliator – Where you can only use a physical exfoliator 2-3 times a week, ensure you add in a daily toner with active ingredients to re-texturise the skin gently and safely. The use of a toner also allows your serums to become more effective soak in to the deeper layers of the epidermis. I use the Clearly Corrective Clarity Activating Toner to slough away dead skin cells on the daily.

Use a serum pigment corrector with Vitamin C – A serum with high levels of Vitamin C will penetrate the skin deeper to help the skin cells heal at a faster rate. An exfoliating and anti-oxidant ingredient, Vitamin C repairs and brightens dark areas in your complexion. This is the golden ticket to getting clearer skin at a much faster rate. My all time favourite is Kiehl’s Dark Spot Solution. Use this in conjunction with a super hydrating  serum to plum and repair the skin fast. Hydrated skin = healthy skin.

Kiehls dark spot solution

Regular maintenance with a liquid exfoliator. When I have really dark spots from recent scars I’ll use the Kiehl’s corrector but to maintain an even complexion and bright skin I am absolutely head over heels with the Sunday Riley Luna Oil. Containing retinol (major anti-aging, anti-pigmentation ingredient) this keeps my skin bright and even, something I’ve noticed starts to dip if I’ve run out of the oil. HOLY. GRAIL. When your skin pigments easily it’s essential to keep maintenance your skin with a liquid exfoliating serum.

sunday riley luna night oil review


I can’t stress enough how important the next step is. If you’re spending a fortune on all the products above and you’re not doing this step then you may as well flush those pots of gold away. Wearing sunscreen every day (and I mean every day) is they key to keeping dark spots at bay. As soon as UV rays touches your skin they’re bringing melanin to the surface – which is the darker pigmentation you see. Melanin cells are more active and draw darker cells together when excited by UV rays so when exposing yourself to – well, the outside world – you MUST wear sunscreen. UV rays cut through clouds so even on a cloudy day it’s imperative to protect your skin. I wear Kiehl’s UV Daily Defense SPF 50 PA+++ (make sure you’ve got the PA+++ protection in your SPF as this indicates strength level against the rays that cause aging.

kiehls spf 50 uv daily defense

Hope this helps and if you have any recommendations for other products that work well, let me know!



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