I’m not yellow, I’m cashew beige


{Laura Mercier – silk creme foundation}

Although they were the best years, they were the most judgemental. What was I teased for in high-school? Being the last person to get the joke and having yellow skin. Being Moroccan sounded exotic. Until spending 16 years under the constant fog of England turned me a pale shade of jaune.

Sure after spending a week on the sands of Tangier I’d transform to my natural olive tones. Sadly it was soon washed away by the rain back home. So what colour am I?

The winter in Canada has placed me somewhere in between, and I recently found love with the perfect colour match with Laura Mercier. The silk creme foundation is a delicate veil of full coverage that blends in effortlessly when using the right tools. It’s often hard to find both qualities in a foundation but this seems to be the perfect combination. Applying this with my Stila #33 provides a smooth and flawless finish. The best part is that my skin still breathes and looks natural even with such great coverage.

I’d like to continue using this foundation through the summer so I end up mixing it with some moisturizer for a lighter feel.

{wearing silk creme foundation – no digital enhancing to skin}

{Swatch of silk creme foundation in cashew beige}



  1. June 30, 2016 / 9:04 am

    I just found your post after asking someone recommended this foundation to me. She also has similar colourings and her skin looked equally flawless and a perfect match.. Laughing because I feel I could have written this. I always say that I have ‘yellow’ skin, so this made me really chuckle! Greek and Maltese routes, and forever saying I look jaundiced come winter 🙂


    • July 3, 2016 / 7:26 am

      lool. I started using fake tan in the winter. Not to make me darker but to bring out more brown and less yellow!

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