Intense hair repair: Redken’s post-winter fixes


{The dream team}

Every year after Winter (and the lack of a haircut), my hair becomes super dry and brittle. With naturally curly hair, I find it hard to keep my hair tame. I often make the mistake of going for hydrating products only and that often mask the underlying problem. My hair just won’t stop snapping. The best way to avoid this is of course to get your hair cut but I’ve been ever so desperate to grow a long mane of hair in time for the Summer that it just hasn’t happened.

Redken’s ‘Extreme’ line caters to distressed and brittle hair and aside from it smelling heavenly, it works. After a couple of washes my hair feels softer and less ‘straw’ like. I’ve also started using the Anti-Snap leave-in treatment that works so well in line with the rest of the products. It makes it easier to blow-dry my hair and I don’t feel like my hair is being tugged against the brush. The result? Soft, more manageable locks that aren’t weighed down by product but look healthy and smooth.


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