Kerastase Discipline on frizzy, Moroccan curls

I count myself lucky for being Moroccan. Beautiful land, captivating beaches, scents and colours that provoke a myriad of senses and best of all, some of the best food I’ve tried on this planet. Being Moroccan has it’s charm but the one thing I don’t love — the naturally frizzy hair that most of us are born with. I say most all bar one of my family members boasts a head full of curly locks.

All this to say if anyone is going to test Kerastase’s taming treatment I’d say it stood a fair challenge avec moi…

My first stop was The Loft salon in Toronto for my Discipline treatment. A service that involved a wash and blow dry, product treatment to the hair (what felt like strand by strand), a blow-dry to seal to the treatment, another wash with step two of the treatment, and another blow-dry. YES It’s a process. But as you can see in the final pic…it’s well worth it.


{The home collection}

The line is made up of a shampoo, conditioner, mask and leave-in spray that all work wonders on smoothing the hair and controlling the cuticle.

shampoo conditioner kerastase anti frizz

{Dream team}

kerastase discipline fluidissme spray {Star product}

The cleansing routine is in my opinion a necessity to smoother strands — it does what Crystaliste did to my hair but with some desperately needed added moisture.  I feel as though Kerastase have blended the best of a few worlds in their haircare line for those who struggle with frizzy hair.

This product – Fluidissime – is where you’ll see an immediate difference. An anti-frizz, heat protecting spray will add an extra level of shine, and smoothness that beats anything I’ve tried before.

kerastase salon frizz treatment

{Seven extra minutes}

The in-salon treatment claims to ease blow-drying time allowing you seven extra minutes in the morning. Does Discipline honour this? Absolutely. Do the products do just as good of a job…possibly. It’s been a few weeks of washes now and I’m finding that as long as I’m using Fluidissime, my hair is as smooth as silk, every time.

For me the $140 spend on the in-salon treatment is a pricey one and one that’s best reserved for a trip to mexico (humidity hot zone) or before a big day/event. If smooth hair is something you’ve forever dreamed of and don’t mind the upkeep then this is for you — the results are real.

Have you tried Kerastase before? Which is your favourite line from them?



  1. October 8, 2014 / 11:02 pm

    In Awe! You are beautiful <3

  2. LapizofLuxury
    October 8, 2014 / 12:38 pm

    Haha ! I feel you sister, love my Moroccan curls but sometimes they can be a lot of work 😉 Kérastase saves my life ! -xxx-


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