Late-night white chocolate-chip brownies


{easy-to-share cupcake sized brownies}

Since I was a teenager I would always try and make brownies — but only ever out of a box of pre-mix. They never came out right. This was actually before I became seriously interested in baking as a hobby. I recently tried baking them from scratch and surprisingly enough they came out so well. I wasn’t left with a gooey pan of mess that more resembled chocolate pudding.

Baking this batch of indivudal-sized brownies was a total whim one night when I was craving something sweet. I just happened to have what I needed in the pantry and it looked too easy to miss up on, despite it being 10pm.

I started with the original recipe found here, but adapted it slightly by adding half a cup of white chocoalte chips (just enough for a little something different that wasn’t too overwhelming) and a handful of chopped walnuts. I’m not usually a fan of putting nuts in my dessert but this added a nice little crunch every so often.

Instead of putting the mix in a pan I decided to put it in to silicone cupcake trays so that I could share them easily. The great thing about this particular recipe is that the brownies stayed moist and soft even the day after. So they’re great to make the night before.

On the night I served these with some vanilla ice-cream while they were still warm. The boyfriend responded to my last minute baking with, “Ah, marry me”. Which usually means he’s a fan of the goods.


{moist centre with a few chocolate chips}


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