Lips and tips: A safety in orange

{Empty moons and oranges}

This colour drives me wild. Every summer I find myself reaching for the brightest version of orange that I can get. As part of their “Poppy Razzi” Summer 2012 collection Essie’s Bazooka nail polish is a vibrant, neon orange. The empty moon mani was created by none other than Tips Nail Bar’s Leeanne Colley. She did this mani for me a couple of weeks ago and I loved the colour so much so that I had to go out and buy it.

{Liquid lipstick in a neon orange to match}

It just so happens to be a perfect match for my OCC Lip Tar in Safety Orange. What’s your go to Summer shade?


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  1. Erica
    September 2, 2012 / 11:49 pm

    I love it! I have been wearing revlon’s siren lipstick, which is the same exact color on your lips, since the fourth of july! a year ago if you told me I would love orange lipstick, I would have thought you were crazy! I am with you, my go to summer shade is an orange lip! I have been loving a bright orange bling finger to go along with my pastel coral nails and siren lipstick! so pretty! I have bee following you through hello cotton for some time but i dont think i have ever commented! I love your blog (: it has all the things my blog encompasses: food, fashion, fitness, & beauty!

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