Morocco: Hidden adventures in Marrakech

 {On our way to the Atlas mountains}

Morocco is my home by blood. Although I wasn’t born there, my mother made the effort to take us back every year so that we could learn about our roots and remember our families. Living in England we had no family, so it was always nice to go back. It was serendipity that brought Hajar and I together. My Moroccan best friend whom I met online — back when that was cool. Whilst at university we traveled as much as we could and I had the chance to visit Marrakech for the first time.

My family are all from the North, so it was an incredible experience to finally see the rest of the country. On our trip we visited the rural areas and had the opportunity to eat tagine (a meal that is cooked in a ceramic dish over fire) in the mountains by the riverside.

 {Moroccan pastries — usually drenched in honey, taste amazing with mint tea}

 We also visited the Souk — famous markets in the city centre. It’s unlike any other shopping experience you’ll come across. The colours, smells and sounds are all so vibrant.

 {Bread baked in stones}

I found this fascinating. I’d never actually seen it before but the bread is baked in stones and still has pieces attached to it. something about baking it in stones changes the flavour of the bread. Delicious.


 {Down by the riverside}

Where there’s water there’s work. And evidently, dangerous, DIY bridges.

 {Camels on the mountain}

My first camel ride at the age of ten had me in fear ever since. I guess when you’re ten-years-old the ground feels so far away from your feet. So as the camel stood up it felt like I was on a roller coaster.

{Beautiful jars for the home}

Morocco is known for having such stunning pottery. The colours are always bright and the designs, intricate. It reminds me of the designs you see on the henna tattoos that many women have there. These jars are cheap (if you haggle) and perfect for holding jewelry or candles. I always leave with a few of these.


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