My skincare: The hydrating dream regime

{The line up: skin-saving pieces I can’t live without}

When I tried Biotherm as a teenager it didn’t seem to agree with my skin. During the times of T-zone troubles and acne, this fairly new line — at the time — wasn’t worth the pricetag. Now that I’m older, my skin feels as though it’s constantly dehydrated and quenching that thirst was proving difficult. That is until I was reunited with Biotherm and the Aquasource line became my new best friend.

I’m not afraid of using different brands on my face at the same time, but this particular line just ticked all the right boxes with what it had to offer.

The make-up removing water is my go to for special occasions where I’ve gone heavier on the make-up. On a daily basis I only wear mascara and depending on how tired I am, I may or may not use this product. You can use it all over your face and I often do so when I’m not as tired before bed.

{Flash Recharge – Anti fatigue SOS mask}

Before I started using the whole Biotherm line religiously, I tried a mask from a different brand that ended up stripping my skin of all moisture. My cheeks were so dry it hurt to smile, so that same day I used the flash recharge mask and in one use it restored my skin to its plump, softness. I now use this when my skin is in desperate need of hydration and a glow.

{Aquasource – Deep hydration replenishing cream}

This moisturizer does everything I need it to do. The silky, smooth finish is long-lasting and the product smells so fresh and clean. It’s the perfect for staple moisturiser if you have dry skin with no other real problems. Now that my skin has cleared up from all the issues I’ve had over the years, this product keeps me in good balance. I adore it so much that I just want to buy tubs of it to keep my bathroom, just in case.


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