My sleep routine for falling asleep faster

For a few years now I’ve really struggled with falling asleep quickly. I’d spend hours tossing and turning in an uncomfortable and endless grogginess so it’s taken me a while to get to a point where I fall asleep within the hour…

I don’t think I have anything in particular that’s on my mind, it’s more of 100 things running through at a million miles a minute. I also have quite an intense case of misophonia as well as sensitive hearing (the two do not go well together) so the silence can really make me pick out the tiniest, reoccurring sounds – e.g. clocks ticking, birds chirping etc. can keep me awake. I KNOW you think it’s nuts but all that to say I’ve had to work extra hard to find things that help me relax.


Below is a list of some things that have really helped and made a massive difference.

  1. No electronic devices half an hour before bed. I’ll shut it all down and set up my alarms etc so that the lights to trigger the ‘awake’ feeling. This was one of the main tips that has helped quite a lot!
  2. Using the Calm app for some white noise. Half an hour before bed I set up the calm app with the ‘rain on leaves’ sound. It’s so relaxing and any form of white noise really does help me feel calmer.
  3. Do some night time yoga. Before bed when I’m feeling wired I do this routine by Yoga with Kassandra. It’s so perfect to unwind with and as well as stretching out any aches and pains, the routine really makes you feel sleepy.
  4. Every evening I’ll apply a set of beauty products that don’t only work over night to improve skin and hair texture but also have a calming scent about them.
  5. Read a book to calm your senses – I’ve just started Slade House by the author of Cloud Atlas (magical stories before bed are best). I’m also reading Winefolly (a gift from my best friend!) as I’m trying to learn more about wine.
  6. Finally, Use earbuds to cancel out noise when you need to. In the summer time the sound of birds outside my window instantly wakes me up which can be a lovely thing but not at 4am…

If you have any tips I’d love to hear them! Let me know @remagouyez if you’ve tried or will try any of these products.



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