Nail Art: Kiss Nail Dress to impress

{Kiss Nail Dress in Teddy}

In between cooking dinner and arranging my unsorted beauty boxes the Kiss Nail Dress stickers caught my attention. I wondered how hard it would be to apply them  after looking at the state my nails were in and realizing that it seemed straight forward enough, I thought I’d try it on one nail. Before I knew it I was finishing the last of my digits after quickly noticing how incredible these little stickers are. P.S. My nails are short but I like em that way.

{Leopard print love}

The nail stickers are available in a myriad of style, most of which I’m not really a fan of. I wish there more trend nail stickers as opposed to young, gem designs but saying that there are quite a few that you can choose from that do look gorgeous. They just apply so easily and have such a cool looking finish that I think they’re well worth the $10.99 – especially if they last a week. All you have to do is find the sticker that fits your nail, press down and file the excess off! I know – genius.

{Nails only}

I did shamelessly fall in love with this ‘Teddy’ design. It’s so fancy pants and sparkly but in a sassy way don’t you think?

Given that it took me less than 10 minutes to apply these lovelies and the fact that once they’re on they’re not going any where – I would for sure, delve in to the piggy bank to stock on a few more for special occasions or nail emergencies. It’s such a nice way to do something to your nails when you don’t have the patience to paint but you want to cover up the ghastly state that they’re in. Non?


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