New iconic nail shade: The muddy mint

{Essie’s Maximilian Strasseher}

Okay so it may not be for everyone but this is going to be my nail shade of 2013.

Sweet mother of all things lacquered and beautiful. I haven’t felt this strongly about a polish shade since 2009 with Chanel’s Nouvelle Vague. Maybe I have a thing for mint? This is a dfferent kinda mint though. Introducing Essie’s Maximilian Strasse-Her, the muddy mint…


As part of the Madison Ave-Hue collection for spring 2013 it’s still available at stores and I’m pretty sure Trade Secrets have a two for $15 going on right now. Regularly it’s about $9.99 for a bottle of Essie polish depending on where you go. Well worth it when you get super special shades like this!

In some lighting it looks almost entirely grey but for the most part it’s a muted mint that looks like it has tones of brown in it before it was paled out to become this beauty. I feel like I never want to take it off!

{The Muddy Mint}

Dear Essie, thank you!


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