Pink treasures: the gift of fragrance and food

{My favourite fragrance meets my favourite patisserie}

This week I received two gifts that are so close to my heart. Both bring back the fondest of memories whilst living back in England. The first, a gift to myself, Viktor and Rolf, Flowerbomb. This stunning, layered fragrance always has people asking me what I’m wearing. I find that it works well during Summer or Winter. I feel as though it evolves with the seasons in terms of intensity. Surprisingly enough, this fragrance was first rejected by a different perfume house when L’Oreal created it, but the Dutch duo saw greatness in this explosion of floral scents.

{Stunning packaging, I adore this mini, pink grenade}

{The most beautiful cookbook I own}

The second gift was from my best-friend, Hajar. It was my birthday recently and she surprised me with a stunning gift from one of my favourite patisseries in the world, Laduree. I think she sensed I needed to ease off the sugar and so sent me this gorgeous savoury cookbook. The pages are beautiful and have the perfect little, gourmet treats. I can’t wait to make Le club Laduree avec pont neuf potatoes. It looks like a club sandwich with fries, but something tells me it’ll taste a lot more exciting than your average lunch.

An interesting recipe is the Saint-honoré croque legumés à la fleur d’hibiscus confite. In other words, crisp vegetable Saint-honoré with crystalized hibiscus flowers. If you’ve had the pleasure of enjoying the caramel dessert version of this pastry dish, the thought of a savory alternative will excite you.


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