Product revival: How to fix broken powders

{Candlelight: Mineralize Skinfinish, repaired}

We’ve all had that moment. In slow motion you watch the compact leave your hand with a one-way ticket to shattersville. This Mineralize Skinfinish was my staple highlighter and quick-fix for a glowing finish. Something about this product just emulates romance, so I couldn’t bear to let it go.

It was sitting in the bottom of my makeup bag (I would never open it in fear of it flying everywhere) until I recently found a way to fix it. Using rubbing alcohol, you can turn your broken, loose powders back in to a set mould. The alcohol holds the product together, then evaporates to leave a solid formula.

What you will need: a clear bag, a knife or mixing tool, tissue paper, rubbing alcohol and a flat round surface to flatten the powder with.

{The preparation}

First you begin by crushing all of the powder in to a clear bag. Scrape down the pan and break apart the chunks of powder inside the bag.

{The moulding}

Then, add a cap and a half of rubbing alcohol to the powder and mix it until it forms a paste. If you need to add more alcohol, do so, but it doesn’t need to be runny. Spread the paste evenly in to the pan then place the tissue paper on top. Use your smooth surface to press down firmly (I used the lid of my Biotherm moisturizer), until all the bubbles are out and there are no cracks. Be sure to press hard to avoid cracks once the alcohol evaporates. Let the product dry over night until you can no longer smell the alcohol.

I tried this method with a bright orange blush that I had bought from The Make-Up Store but unfortunately it changed the colour, so it doesn’t always work. Worth a shot though…

{From shattered to smooth, no more spilling}



  1. Annette
    April 11, 2012 / 3:58 pm

    THIS IS GENIUS. Thanks for the tip!!!!!!

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