About Me

Welcome to The Burgundy Book… a space where a passion for beauty and photography meet to represent my (slightly hectic) lifestyle.

This blog focuses more on the lifestyle stories that fit around beauty products and how they seem to magically find a fit in my eclectic world. Occasionally you’ll see posts on other aspects of my life, career and obsession with delicious food.

My idea of the perfect Sunday? Good books, sweatpants, East India’s finest tea leaves and none other than my favourite — chocolate digestives. Of the milk kind, none of that dark nonsense here.

As a trained journalist hailing from City University, London you can find my past writings within my portfolio section. My work has been featured on the likes of: The Huffington Post Style, FASHION Canada, 29secrets, Women’s Fitness Magazine UK, TheLoop.ca, StyleList.ca, The Social and more.

Right now you’ll find me spending my days working for L’Oreal Luxe looking after Kiehl’s Since 1851!

Press can contact me via the ‘media list’ button on the right hand side. You’re welcome to add me to your mailing list if your product is relevant to the site. 


All the products I feature on this site are here because I’ve tried and loved them. If I dislike a product I’ll state the pros and cons or just not feature it at all if it’s not for me. I don’t believe in ruining a brands reputation because it takes a lot of time, effort and money to release cosmetics products and I won’t disrespect a company. That being said, I’ll offer an honest and fair review of a product and suggest alternatives if I don’t like a particular aspect of it.