Sephora + Pantone Universe 2015: Marsala

sephora pantone 2015 marsala colletion

{Sephora + Pantone Universe 2015: Marsala Collection}

I’ve always had a fear of reddish brown make up. Latent memories of multiple aunts in gaudy dresses and obscene layers of makeup were all concluded with a few sweeps of the ’90s brown lip. A shade that’s still hugely popular in the Arab beauty world you know.

Fast forward to 2015 and I’m all like “hey girl, loving your marsala lip” (pronounced Mah-sal-la if you grew up with an Indian family like I did).

This year’s Sephora + Pantone Universe collection is all about this spiced, red-brown shade that I’d be happy to plaster my face in now. Last year’s orchid was okay, the year before that we saw emerald (not so wearable) but this year is everything. See exhibit A, below.

marsala eye make up shadow pantone 2015

{Spiced hues}

Tell me you love it?! I know — I too have long since been a sceptic of ANY hue of red on the eyes but the twist of brown is perfect, non?

sephora pantone Facets of Marsala Multi-Finish Eye Palette

{Facets of Marsala Multi-Finish Eye Palette – $39}

This is the beauty that achieved the eye look. I used the top left, vanilla as the base, the most marsala, matte shade in the contour blended with the darkest brown then sealed with the sparkliest, spiced-red for dimension.

sephora pantone Shimmering Marsala Cheek Trio

{Shimmering Marsala Cheek Trio – $28}

Next to the eye shadow palette this is the product that made me swoon most. A highlighter and two blushes. For this look I actually used the middle, lighter shade on my cheeks – pleasantly surprised to see the intense pigment on this baby! Can’t wait to wear the even darker shade.

Using THIS gorgeous blush brush ($32)….

sephora pantone Marsala Pro Angled Blush Brush

{Marsala Pro Angled Blush Brush – $32}

I added a little of THIS stunning gel/blush/tint…

sephora pantone Cooling Marsala Multi Stick

{Cooling Marsala Multi Stick – $25}

To get THIS glowing flush.

sephora pantone beauty look marsala 2015


Now this was me being light-handed. If it were up to me I would have a applying this baby like a lip balm on my cheeks. It feels sensational (no really, the cooling sensation is delectable) and the unusual hue of spiced-red with flecks of gold is just beautiful. This’ll be perfect on a beach day.

For this look I wore the matte lipstick in the collection. I hate to say it but it reminded me of the highly coveted Kylie Jenner shade.

Pure Marsala Matte Lip Creme

{Pure Marsala Matte Lip Creme – $18}

It looks peachier in the pic but trust me, the grey in the formula brings that saturation right down in real life.

This is the complete look! I’m. In. Love.

sephora marsala pantone beauty look

{MOAR Marsala}

Other items in the collection include this stunning lip layering set of mini lip crayons. Creamy formulas of neutral, dusty pinks.

sephora pantone Marsala Layering Lip Collection

{Marsala Layering Lip Collection – $28}

OH, did I mention the entire collection is housed in metallic, rose-gold goodness. They really nailed this one, you guys.

sephora pantone Marsala Layering Lip Collection

{Neutral must-haves}

sephora pantone Bold Marsala Mascara & Brow Highlighter

{Bold Marsala Mascara & Brow Highlighter – $20}

Thought I’m not wearing it here I’m excited to try this – if it’s volumizing I might die with joy.

Below you’ll find the swatches (L-R) for the pencil collection, the marsala eyeliner (not featured in my look), the cooling stick and the matte lipstick.

sephora pantone 2015 marsala swatches

{The swatches}

All beautiful shades of pink-red-brown, right?!

PHEWWW. Okay so after that mammoth post. What do you want most?


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  1. Juliette van Lawick
    November 11, 2015 / 11:06 am

    if you every want to sell it 😉

  2. January 19, 2015 / 4:43 am

    *claps hands* YAS, honey! Lovely, highly covetable post! I am so happy about Marsala. I literally have to buy nothing to be in style since this is a shade I wear all the time. That literally never happens! Emerald was…complicated to work into makeup, but I did love it for clothes. Radiant Orchid was better, but I still can’t rock purple eyeshadow 24-7 like it’s brown. Marsala is definitely the best Color of the Year for makeup nerds! 🙂

  3. January 6, 2015 / 9:23 pm

    Oh wow! I love the warmth of this on your skintone. It’s so decadent like…. cake. lol But you look amazing here! Love what you did with the eyeshadow. 🙂

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