Showering scents: A garden of Rose

{Yardley London – English Rose Luxury Body Wash}

Oh, Luxury doesn’t even cover it. Imagine showering with the silkiest and softest of rose petals all over your body. I never knew I would have such an intense love for the scent of rose but this has sparked a serious obsession.

The body wash is something that I absolutely will purchase again – to be honest, don’t be surprised if your local Shoppers is out of stock because I will probably have them all. Did I mention that my washroom constantly smells like a bouquet of roses? Oh fragrant bliss. For only $14.99 It won’t break the bank and actually comes in cheaper than my Philosophy body washes.

{Lavender lathers}

I’m not the biggest fan of soap as a body wash but I love keep this lavender one at the washroom sink. You know how most soaps feel super slippery and tacky as time goes on? This beautiful, sudsy soap doesn’t do that so your guests won’t be put off from using it. In fact, they may spend a little too much time taking in the gorgeous scent.

$18.99 for a pack of three, available at Shoppers Drug Mart

*Disclaimer – These gorgeous products were sent to me for consideration and they passed the approval!


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