So in love with Lancome this spring

{In love}

I know technically the summer collections are starting to come out – part of me wishes we could have a moment to digest the fact that spring hasn’t even arrived yet. It’s so depressing. I’m just waiting for the moment I can pack away all my clunky winter boots and clothes and buy myself a knew wardrobe. Still – my spring make up is out and I’m not holding back with these beauties…

{Blush in Love – Pommettes Damour $52}

When I received Lancome’s spring collection I literally gasped with how beautiful and bright it was. Not the usual packaging that they present but I kinda like this little compact. I know $52 sounds like a lot for a blush but you actually get 8.5g of the product rather than the 5.1g you would normally get in their Blush Subtil palettes. It also has a large mirror that slides out (not sure why but it does).

As someone who is blush obsessed I get most excited for this part of any collection. This Pommettes Damour blush surprised me. It imparts a stunning glow on your cheeks and has an immediate brightening affect when you blend both the peach and pink shades. It’s SO flattering guys. Really.

{Baume in Love – Urban Ballet $24}

 The Baume in Love was the only part to disappoint me from the collection. I found that for $24 the balm was way too sheer against my naturally brown lips. I’m just used to a lot more pigment and for me, I’d rather add a little bit more and buy one of the Rouge in Love lipsticks. This balm wasn’t hydrating enough for me to want to buy it at that price point.

{The collection}

I adore the Kohl in Love eyeliner shown here in Jade Crush. With an incredibly creamy formula it glides on the skin and has intense pigment even when you only lose a little! The liner is only $24 which to me isn’t bad at all considering how lovely the formula is.

{Color Design Infinite 24 $28}

I adored the loose eye shadows that were released as part of this spring collection and you can find more details on them in my Shadow Playground post here!

The Lancome collection is available at


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  1. kristen @ glambunctious
    April 15, 2013 / 1:37 am

    You look super adorable in these bright, poppy colors, Rema! This blush continues to temp me with it’s beauty! It’s so pretty, you could leave it on a table as a piece of home decor.

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