I love beauty, I really do. But despite what you may think there are some days I curse it. Those days are usually a result of waking with a rash on my skin that makes it unbearable to face the day. Pun intended!

Trying so many different products makes me prone to this terror though through my mishaps comes a concoction of products that have finally helped my skin clear up within a couple of days.

What really prompted me to do this was my reaction I had to a combination of meds I was taking after having my wisdom teeth out. I woke with bumps all over my face and quickly got rid of them for a TV segment that was two days later. THIS WORKS.

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Well isn’t this is exciting! Just FYI fellow beauty folk, I am now a lucky member of the Fashionmagazine.com beauty panel. Each week we’ll be asked to show the FASHION readers how we approach a particular beauty look or challenge.

First up? My everyday look! Now everyone knows I’m in to the bold lip and naturally, it had to be red cuz it’s sassayyyy. I also approached this in video form – whaddya think?