{The Players}

If we’re going to stand here and stare at the hottie in the room then the brightly-bristled, beauty that is the Dior brush is blushing. Other brush beauties that have taken their place in my brush jars are there because they work so well, others are just, straight gorgeous. This handful have recently stolen the show and here’s why… View Post


{’90s Make Up Style}

This week’s Fashionmagazine.com challenge was all about ’90s make up. To me 1990s beauty is all about Sarah Michelle Gellar à la Buffy The Vampire Slayerand Cindy Crawford (who still, by the way, looks exactly the same). When I think of these women I think of the way they used natural shades to emphasize what they already have. For this look, I started my base with my newest obsession: Revlon’s Nearly Naked foundation. I love the old school powdery finish it leaves on my face even though it’s a liquid, yet it still has that modern day touch of a brightening effect for a healthy glow.

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