christmas nudestix beauty

{Wearing NudeStick on eyes, lips and cheeks}

I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with founders of the brand, NudeStix to hear their story behind why this beauty revolution was set to be a part of ever woman’s make up bag. Sure, we love our luxurious palettes and bullets of bright and bold colour — but some most days we just want to look, simply pretty.

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Dior shadow palette summer 2014 givenchy fuchsia le rouge

As much as I complain about the showers that brought along the slushy mud, beautiful fresh flowers have sprouted and inspired me to play with colours. Whilst hiking with the wonderful Curated Taste in Vancouver last week, I spotted the gorgeous flower below.

fuchsia flower

My first thoughts? I BETTER have a lipstick that colour at home and if I don’t I need to get one.

givenchy le rouge fuchsia irresistible lipstick

Lo and behold…I did. Presenting the perfect hue of fuchsia flower, Givenchy’s Le Rouge in Fuchsia Irresistible. Is it not perfection?

givenchy le rouge fuchsia lipstick

I’ve always been a fiend for the Le Rouge formula and have at least 6 shades hidden in my drawers. This gem was untouched and just waiting to burst out when the weather warmed up.

Dior summer 2014 eyeshadow palette

To complement the muddy surroundings of this eye-catching flower, I pulled out the new Dior, Colour Eyeshadow Palette – Transat Edition in Sundeck. Using the off-white shade as my base and the ashy brown shade for the crease – it’s a quick, easy look to master.

 dior summer 2014 eye shadow and givenchy le rouge fuchsia lips look

{Spring has sprung}

In keeping with the theme I used Clinique’s Cheep Pop blush in Plum Pop on my cheeks. Complements the lippie perfectly, non?

givenchy dior browm eyes fuchsia lips look



marc jacobs blush

{Marc Jacobs Shameless Bold Blush in Irresistible}

I do love a blush that melts on the skin. In all honesty I wasn’t astounded by the Marc Jacobs collection but if my money is to be spent anywhere it’ll be on the amazing gel foundation and the near perfect blushes.

Obviously available in an array of deep and daring shades this warm, teracotta does nothing short of pop on the cheeks despite the fact that it’s not a neon pink.


{My bold blush is poppin’}

The formula of the blush is infused with bio-lipids and essential amino acids, all allowing for the seamless (see above) and lightweight application. It almost feels like a pressed, solid gel smoothing out in to a powder – an oh-so swoon-worthy texture.


{The packaging}

I have to say the packaging isn’t that of a Dior compact but the sleek and small design is cute. The angled brush is a major bonus point.


{MJ mini brush and compact}


{Terracotta smiles}

Is it wrong to want more shades of this in my stocking this Christmas?