I count myself lucky for being Moroccan. Beautiful land, captivating beaches, scents and colours that provoke a myriad of senses and best of all, some of the best food I’ve tried on this planet. Being Moroccan has it’s charm but the one thing I don’t love — the naturally frizzy hair that most of us are born with. I say most all bar one of my family members boasts a head full of curly locks.

All this to say if anyone is going to test Kerastase’s taming treatment I’d say it stood a fair challenge avec moi…

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I have African hair. Blessed (or not so much in her eyes) with the Moroccan curls that my mother gave me, I often find myself looking at Caucasian hair, longing to have those pin-straight strands that don’t go wild at the touch of humidity. Many a bad hair day I’ve lived through and my blow-outs never quite gave me the smooth and light texture I was looking for, until now. View Post