MAC lipstick ruby woo matte

 {Perfect pout}

My first ever MAC product graced my teen make up bag back in 2004 (oh god it’s been a decade). A friend’s mum saw my love for her lippie and treated me with a trip to the MAC (department store) counter back home to get something conservative for this young beauty enthusiast. Of course I went with a dupe for Star Nova – a pearlescent, mauve. This was back when the lipglosses were in squeeze tubes. Le sigh…

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burberry beauty fall 2014

Recent events have had my pining for my homeland that is Britain. I’m missing the food, the side streets, the rude people and even the rain a little too much to handle. Naturally I’m gravitating towards anything with a British background and my recent opportunity to explore the Burberry beauty collection felt just like home.

I’ll admit I sometimes roll my eyes when I hear of luxury brands trying to tap in to beauty market at this point in time. “It’s going to be all about the packaging, I just know it,” is what I usually think about such a thing — Take Louboutin doing sixty something dollar nail polish. Please.

I digress.

Burberry’s beauty line surprised and delighted me. The quality of complexion, the unique shades and textures. So much luxury in one place without the sacrifice of quality. You’ll want to read more

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Tom Ford Lipstick in Cherry Lush Review

Tom Ford Lipstick Cherry Lush

{Tom Ford Lipstick – Cherry Lush}

If you’re not new to this page then you’ll know that I have an inexplainable addiction to red lipstick. “How can I top this?” I asked myself. How can I satisfy this never ceasing urge to coat my lips in the silkiest of fiery red formulas? Two words. Tom Ford.

Tom Ford Lipstick Cherry Lush Swatch

{February birthday gift in November}

I actually meant to purchase this as a birthday gift to myself back in February. I figure it counts more now than ever because I can’t remember what my personal gift was back then – IT’S TOTALLY JUSTIFIABLE, RIGHT? As if.

Tom Ford Cherry Lush

{The Review}

Down and dirty – this lipstick is everything I thought it would be and more. It’s bright, it’s silky, it’s long wearing (actually… wasn’t expecting that one).

The only downfall (aside from the hefty price tag of $55)? You simply must wear a lip liner before applying.

Bleed central with this bad boy. I don’t believe these come with a matching lip liner so I’d recommend Givenchy’s Lip Rouge Liner – it’s the perfect match of a cherry red. Just marry me already!

Tom Ford lippies are available at Holt Renfrew – now alongside the full cosmetics collection.



{Givenchy’s new complexion duo}

Can we all take a moment to squeal over Givenchy’s new packaging? I mean…How special I feel pulling the compact out in public is something else…


{Long-Wearing Fluid Foundation in #06 Elegant Gold – $59}

The new Long-Wearing Fluid Foundation that promises you an ‘illuminating and comfortable’ wear. Where were you during my teenage days of dull and deathly complexion? My first impressions of the foundation were tarnished with my dry-skin day but after trying it over a well moisturized base I’ve seen the light.

palette closed2

{Long-Wearing Compact Foundation SPF 10 in Elegant Honey}

Can I get an ‘ooo wee’? I don’t excite over powder compacts easily but this large and beautifully embossed palette is almost ‘clutch’ like in it’s design. Ya’ll know I’m a sucker for great packaging and here’s why I’m mad for this one.

palette 1

{The ‘Click’}

The details in the design of this product are so special. As my glamourous friend, Ashley likes to say – “It has that Mercedez Benz ‘Click'”. I know $66 is a lot for a beauty product but if you’re a fan of a matte finish then don’t let me lose you yet…trust me…


{The powder}

The actual powder is worth the splurge too. I’ll be honest, I was expecting a caking, matte finish to my complexion but you only need to look below for the pudding. I wore the liquid foundation all over, then finished the middle of my face with the powder. Swirling the pink, illuminating element will give you a generous amount of coverage with an glowing finish to your look. See? It’s not all about the outside. The inside rocks too.


{Face time}

I’ll admit the packaging of this press send is what had me at ‘Hello’ but with more tried the products, the quicker I found that it could easily become a collection staple for me. ESPECIALLY the powder…Beauty lovers better put this on your wishlist asap!