dior make up

{Dior Golden Snow Beauty look – Christmas 2013}

Sooo, if you’ve been following me on instagram you’ll notice that I’ve finally started taking more time to play around with eye shadow in my beauty looks. I’ll be honest, I’ve bee lazy and I wasn’t quite sure how to apply to my hooded lids. Thanks to my girls Jessica and Stacey I think I’ve learnt how to deal with odd eyes.

golden snow dior christmas holiday 2013 collection

{Star of the show: 664 – Golden Snow – Eye Shadow Palette}

Not that I’m prone to getting excited over a shadow palette this particular one did make me squeal a little. The hues of warm pink, grey/black, sparkling white and true, glittery gold are the perfect combo for a feminine and festive beauty look.

dior beauty holiday look

{Using the deep charcoal shade over the pale pink sheen on the eyes}

Playing around with the Limited Edition, Golden Snow palette I used the darker blue/black shade over the satin pale pink. It’s dramatic but I love the depth of the eye shadow for a special event. What do you think?


{Glitter and gold}

For a recent pot luck Party I mixed a bronze Chanel shade with the intense gold from the Dior palette. SUPER gorgeous eye shadow to wear to a party – I recommend using it wet so the glitter sticks to the lid properly.

dior holiday 2013 dioriffic

{Diorific Lipstick – in Minuit}

Feelin’ fancy applying this satin, raspberry shade in a golden case.

diorffic nails holiday 2013

{Diorific Holiday Nail polish in Minuit and Frimas}

How gorgeous are these nail polish bottles? A deep burgundy and pale grey/pink (like the shade in the eye shadow palette!) both with delicate flecks of gold stirred in to the formula.

dioriffic lipstick 2013

{Diorific Lipstick in Minuit}

Oh you fancy, huh?

dioriffic minuit nail polish

{Diorific Nail Polish in Minuit}

That twinkle wasn’t photoshopped…Dior nail polish is now neck and neck in polish formula alongside YSL.

**These beautilicious products were sent to The Burgundy Book for consideration and they made the cut!**