I mean I use the word summer very loosely obviously living in England but hey – maybe that’s why I’m just wishing Autumn along already. This limbo is a tad tiresome and I can’t help but long for boots, coats, scarves and chestnut latte’s already. Ah a girl can dream! Anyway I digress. Kylie Jenner made this kinda shade popular but I’ve always loved a burnt brown lip for a warm beauty look.

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christmas nudestix beauty

{Wearing NudeStick on eyes, lips and cheeks}

I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with founders of the brand, NudeStix to hear their story behind why this beauty revolution was set to be a part of ever woman’s make up bag. Sure, we love our luxurious palettes and bullets of bright and bold colour — but some most days we just want to look, simply pretty.

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My 2014 beauty mantra has been all about experimenting with bold lip colours. This year I ventured in to the world of unusual (for me) shades like deep purples, blackened plums and a shade I once said I would never wear on my lips- reddish browns.

This year will see a lot of changes for me — I’m moving back to England! So excited to be in London again and with that comes an awesome promotion with the company I love and the chance to see my friends again. WHO’S EXCITED?!

With this new found excitement and life change, I’ve been experimenting a bit more about what I consider my “signature beauty look”. Hit ‘read more’ to see which products are helping me get this look!

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sephora pantone universe radiant orchid 2014 collection

{Sephora + Pantone: Radiant Orchid}

Don’t get me wrong, I adored last year’s choice of Emerald for the colour of the year but 2014 has it so much better in my eyes. Radiant Orchid is the shade on everyone’s lips and if you haven’t noticed already, Sephora are dedicating a LOT of floor space to celebrate it. Even if you’re not in to trends, this robust collection of vibrant purple against hues of cream and soft pink are rounding out my make up drawers perfectly for spring and summer.

radiant orchid pantone packaging

{Pretty, purple packaging}

Behold! Shiny, purple packaging worthy of leaving on display.

radiant orchid paint gloss trio nail ambrosia

{Nail Ambrosia Trio to match the Radiant Paint Gloss Trio}

Sold Separately the Nail Ambrosia Trio ($24) and Paint Gloss Trio ($31) are some of my favourite picks when it comes to quality and value. The texture of this lip product reflects it’s name, the finish is opaque and paint like but smells heavenly and feels like butter on the lips. The nails to match…why not?

Radiant Paint Gloss Trio

{Paint Gloss trio and Gazing Paint Liquid Eyeliner}

Like the Paint Gloss Trio the liquid eyeliners in this collection offer an opaque sweep of purple and pink (the latter shade is exclusive to The Face kit)  hues.

radiant orchid look

{The radiant orchid “subtle” look}

Well…subtle enough to a beauty addict :p

radiant orchid matte lipstick

{Radiant Rush Matte Lipstick}

You know me. I can’t say no to a matte, rich lippie and this Radiant Rush Matte Lipstick ($22) is no exception. Decadent in it’s texture and shade, my biggest problem with this baby is that my sister keeps stealing it from me…

radiant orchid cream blush

{Cream Blush as part of The Face: Radiant Femme Artistry Set}

Ah, le sigh. If you want to get your hands on this creamy blush that literally melts on to your skin then you’ll have to purchase The Face: Radiant Femme Artistry Set but it contains the lipstick among others so I’d say it’s well worth the $90.

The Eye- Radiant Femme Artistry Set

{The Eye: Radiant Femme Artistry Set}

I’m not an eye shadow kinda gal but this macbook-like palette made me squeal – mainly because of the three sets of colours that make up the top right corner. Romantic to daring it’s got all the shades you would need for any look.

Radiant Femme Artistry Set

{My favourite combo 1: creams and soft pink}

Delicious like ice cream.

The Eye Radiant Femme Artistry Set

{My favourite combo 2: mahogany and navy}

Esmeralda herself would have worn these.

radiant orchid look closed

{Using mahogany and navy shades}

     radiant orchid pantone swatches


L-R: Radiant Paint Gloss Trio, Cream Blush,  Gazing Paint Liquid Eyeliners, Body Luminizer


dior make up

{Dior Golden Snow Beauty look – Christmas 2013}

Sooo, if you’ve been following me on instagram you’ll notice that I’ve finally started taking more time to play around with eye shadow in my beauty looks. I’ll be honest, I’ve bee lazy and I wasn’t quite sure how to apply to my hooded lids. Thanks to my girls Jessica and Stacey I think I’ve learnt how to deal with odd eyes.

golden snow dior christmas holiday 2013 collection

{Star of the show: 664 – Golden Snow – Eye Shadow Palette}

Not that I’m prone to getting excited over a shadow palette this particular one did make me squeal a little. The hues of warm pink, grey/black, sparkling white and true, glittery gold are the perfect combo for a feminine and festive beauty look.

dior beauty holiday look

{Using the deep charcoal shade over the pale pink sheen on the eyes}

Playing around with the Limited Edition, Golden Snow palette I used the darker blue/black shade over the satin pale pink. It’s dramatic but I love the depth of the eye shadow for a special event. What do you think?


{Glitter and gold}

For a recent pot luck Party I mixed a bronze Chanel shade with the intense gold from the Dior palette. SUPER gorgeous eye shadow to wear to a party – I recommend using it wet so the glitter sticks to the lid properly.

dior holiday 2013 dioriffic

{Diorific Lipstick – in Minuit}

Feelin’ fancy applying this satin, raspberry shade in a golden case.

diorffic nails holiday 2013

{Diorific Holiday Nail polish in Minuit and Frimas}

How gorgeous are these nail polish bottles? A deep burgundy and pale grey/pink (like the shade in the eye shadow palette!) both with delicate flecks of gold stirred in to the formula.

dioriffic lipstick 2013

{Diorific Lipstick in Minuit}

Oh you fancy, huh?

dioriffic minuit nail polish

{Diorific Nail Polish in Minuit}

That twinkle wasn’t photoshopped…Dior nail polish is now neck and neck in polish formula alongside YSL.

**These beautilicious products were sent to The Burgundy Book for consideration and they made the cut!**