revlon marchesa nail tools 2014

{Revlon by Marchesa beauty tools}

K, so I’m ashamed to admit that this whole time I thought Marchesa was a little, old Italian man who created this designer line of stunning gowns to grace the fashion world with. Kinda not the situation though.

Thanks Revlon, for including a picture of co-founders of the brand, Keren Craig and Georgina Chapman in your press release. *Enter embarrassed face*

HP At Marchesa Spring 2012 Fashion Show - After Party

{Marchesa co-founders – Keren Craig and Georgina Chapman}

Education out of the way, I was in awe of the Marchesa nail stickers that Revlon  released in 2013 because of the intricate, glamourous and colourful designs they had to offer.

February 2014 sees the release of this gorgeous and substantial nail tools collection. Available in baby pink, black and navy, you’ll now be able to prep your tips in style and on the go.

revlon marchesa manicure essentials kit 2014

{Revlon by Marchesa Manicure Essentials Kit – $12.99}

Revlon Marchesa Mirror 2014

{Revlon by Marchesa Compact Mirror – $6.49}

revlon marchesa nail file 2014 tools

{Revlon File n’ Peel 6-in-1 File, Revlon by Marchesa Box O’ Files – both, $4.49}

Available at drugstores
**These beautilicious products were sent to TBB for consideration and made the cut!