keraste ciment thermique volumifique

{New: Hair Prep with Kerastase}

I recently splurged on a set of Bumble and Bumble products to help my flat and lacklustre hair look more like a ’70s bouffant and the volumizing duo didn’t disappoint. Saying that, I recently started using a set of Kerastase products that have kind of taken the spotlight in the fight for my hair’s attention.

1. Ciment Thermique – Heat Activated Reconstruction Milk

Step one – I was finding my hair was seriously drying out after consistent use of the Bumble and Bumble without heat protection. Blasphemous I know! It just turned out to be too heavy on my hair to layer on a million products when using that mousse. Since I started using this Topseal product a few weeks ago, my hair feels revived and a lot stronger.

2. Volumifique – Volume Expansion Spray

What I loved most about this volumising, spray formula is that it feels so lightweight (almost invisible) in my hair and still gives it the volume it needs to stay bouncy and full of life. Using both of these products with my Shu Uemura or Kerastase serum have given me hair that doesn’t feel weighed down with product. With awesome results like these with the hair care line, I’m excited to try out the new range of styling products they has to offer including this sexy collection as advertised by Kate Moss…


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{Bumble and Bumble}

I’ve been hearing all sorts about this Bumble Dryspun Finish but at first I paid no mind. I have been off my dry-shampoo game for a while. After trying three or four  that didn’t blow me away I kinda called it quits. “Just wash your hair for crying out loud,”  – I know that’s what you’re thinking. But let me explain. I don’t desire these mane maskers for the ‘de-greasing’ aspect…



Hi my name is Rema and my hair is thin. You all think its thick because it’s curly but just look at this lifeless ‘do’.



And then there was light! A spray that’s oh so light and works it’s way through my strands to get it looking thicker. I will fake it if I have to. At least until the Viviscal kicks in.


{All the hair I have}

When teamed with the Thickening Full Form Mousse (before I blowdry my hair) this duo is unstoppable. Flat hair who? Not me and that’s what’s up.

“$37 for a hairspray? That’s blasphemy,” said my homegirl, Maddox. Baby I know. It sounds ridiculous but yes, I went there and I went there twice over. You need the mousse and the dry spray if you want luscious locks.

I’m just telling you what I know.



Now I’ve got so much hair I can’t even find my face…