I’m not going to lie, I’m shameless for matching my lips and cheeks. Some may call this boring. I like to think of it as beautifying. There’s something very brightening about matching the shades on both.

Benefit are releasing 6 shades of gloss ($18 each) that were made after the famous Benefit blushers and they are great for the summer. Particularly if you’re a lipgloss lover. For the most part they come out quite sheer. I would have loved to have seen these released in a lipstick for those who aren’t gloss crazy. As usual the packaging is cute and colourful, my favourite being the ‘Bella Bamba’ (in the gloss and blush).

Although these lovelies were made to match their counterparts, Benefit say they can be mixed and match. That may be a little too daring for my beauty world. Perhaps I’ll step out of my beauty box.