{My Darling Shu Uemura}

Shu Uemura first came in to my life when I became fascinated by their intricate lashes – even though I don’t really wear false lashes. I love the creativity that brand emulated and this collection – with the iconic Karl Lagerfeld is no exception. For most, the shades will be a little too unusual. But for fashion and beauty lovers of the world it’s just enough of a mish mosh of colours to feed their eccentric looks.

{Smoky Velvet Palette}

This palette is pricey at $85 but it does include eyeshadows, a highlighter and a blush. I love the textures that are printed in to the palette (inspired by fabrics Karl had worked with) and find the khaki shades to be a little strange but beautiful.


{The pigments}

The powders don’t offer a crazy amount of pigment so it does take some layering to add intensity. The blush however, I adore. What a beautiful cherry red!

Are these shades something you’d invest in this palette for or is the name behind the collaboration enough to make you want it?